Hit ’em again! Harder! Harder!

Our boy John Edwards lays it on the line:

“There was a lot of hate coming from that podium tonight. What John Kerry and I offer to the American people is hope. Hope for more good paying jobs. Hope for better health care. And hope for our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“What the Bush administration just doesn’t get is that a stronger America begins at home. And John Kerry and I have the right plan to lead America in a new direction because we know that we can do better.”

I’ve really liked the way K/E have been framing the debate, and Zell certainly gave them a leg up last night. Who are you gonna vote for? The guy screaming to you by torchlight that you are the master race?

Or the kindly men who come to your town and tell you to have courage, have heart and have hope?