Perspective, The Lack Of

Via Dooce, some people will let ideology get in the way of anything:

Though many — both those buying tickets and otherwise — have voiced support of the student leader’s decision to bring in Moore, many also are furious.

The college has received a steady stream of complaints from across the nation, from a grandfather vowing he won’t come to his grandson’s graduation to an employer swearing to never again hire a UVSC graduate. Many parents and alumni have expressed disgust that the college is using student fees to pay Moore $40,000 to speak at the college and one e-mail administrators received said that if they didn’t cancel the speech a UVSC diploma “might as well be printed on twin-ply, perforated tissue paper and dispensed on rolls in bathroom stalls.”

You know what? This country really has gone bonkers. Not coming to his grandson’s graduation? I’m sorry. Stephen Ambrose spoke at my college graduation and I don’t think my grandfather had the slightest idea who he was. Nor would he have cared. I think if Adolph Hitler had been speaking at my college graduation my grandfather would still have dragged himself up umpteen levels of crappy bleacher seats, in an auditorium so freaking cold (it was December) his fingers turned blue, to watch 3,999 other people and THEN me walk across a stage for two seconds. Because that’s what normal, decent people do for their fucking families.

Wingnuts. Let nothing stand in the way of an opportunity to make a political statement. Let nothing stand in the way of your chance to take a stand on something pointless. Let nothing stand in the way of ideology. I hope hating Michael Moore keeps him warm at night. I really do.

Did somebody put an extra helping of asshole in the water this week or what?