Texas Indictments Have Ripple Effect

From Holden:

The DeLay-related indictments are already hurting GOP fundraising in Texas:

Stars Over Texas, a new political action committee for state House Republicans, announced Friday that it is returning corporate donations in the wake of Tuesday’s indictments involving corporate money in state elections.

In a letter to contributors, Austin Rep. Terry Keel, the PAC’s treasurer, said he decided to return the money and accept no more “until state courts have ruled so as to identify with precision and authority what activities are protected from criminal allegations.”


The group had reported raising more than $100,000 from corporations, with AT&T giving the lion’s share.


Fred Lewis, a lawyer with Campaigns for People, a group that advocates changes in campaign finance laws, said returning the money would not change whether the donations were legal or not.

“I’m glad they did it,” he said of refunds. “But if you steal a bicycle, returning it doesn’t change the fact you stole it.”