Weekend Meta Post

In which Athenae’s pet computer is undergoing some fairly extensive maintenance, so she posts this to keep you busy.

I wanted to ask all of you who’ve taken the trouble to sign up what your suggestions are for improving the site. Would you like to hear more about how Holden’s a fluffit? Do you like the long posts? The short posts? More Gaggle, more Bush Boom? Do my “In America” stories confuse you? Are you glad I banned the troll or would you like him allowed back in?

Feel free to riff on technical problems, too. The posting interface is just about the only thing I can’t really change, but are there little quirks that drive you nuts or things I should add to the FAQ? I promise I’ll look at everything and fix what I can if the criticism is constructive.

Oh, and we crossed 300,000 hits and 450 registered users the other day! Thanks to all of you whose intelligent discussions are making this my favorite place to be.