Ignorance Isn’t Free, Either

So nobody who supports Bush knows shit, basically:

Majorities of Bush supporters incorrectly assumed that Bush favors including labor and environmental standards in trade agreements (84%), and the US being part of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (69%), the International Criminal Court (66%), the treaty banning land mines (72%), and the Kyoto Treaty on global warming (51%). They were divided between those who knew that Bush favors building a new missile defense system now (44%) and those who incorrectly believe he wishes to do more research until its capabilities are proven (41%). However, majorities were correct that Bush favors increased defense spending (57%) and wants the US, not the UN, to take the stronger role in developing Iraq’s new government (70%).

You know, this is a theme that’s come up time and again from everybody from the pundits to my next door neighbor, a reasonably informed and smart human being who nonetheless accosted me in the hall the other day and asked, “Where’s Kerry been? He needs to start campaigning.”

I’ve always thought the most dangerous part of our democracy is the responsibility placed on us to seek out information about those things that affect our lives. We all bitch about the press and we worry about the influence of this or that innovation in media, but ultimately, it’s up to us.

If I want to know what John Kerry has been up to lately, there is ample information that would lead me to the conclusion that he’s been campaigning his ass off, it’s just that I live in a safely blue state and will never see him.

But I have to take the time to go and look, and sadly, it looks like quite a few people either can’t do that, or don’t want to. There’s a large part of me that says fuck those people, if they’re too lazy to work for what they want, they deserve whatever government they get. But in my good old bleeding liberal heart, I know we have to reach them, too. I’m just not sure how to do it.