Department of Pretty Much, Yeah

Americablog lays out the choice for Catholics in this election:

Catholic leaders tell me that if I support, as Dowd puts it, “the Catholic candidate and one-time Boston altar boy who carries a rosary and a Bible with him on the trail” I’m not a Catholic. If I support the war-mongering liar who supports executing mentally-ill 16-year-olds and guts funding for things like domestic violence prevention and welfare, I’m suddenly a good Catholic again.

I’m tempted to caution that it’s not all Catholic leaders, but really, at this point, if you don’t repudiate this kind of nonsense you become complicit in it.

As I told a Catholic relative recently, when we were discussing my hostile relationship with the church lately, “They won’t need to purge anybody if they keep this up, because anybody with a brain and a conscience in working order will have left long before the second Inquisition starts.”