CBS News/NY Times Poll

From Holden:

I don’t blog in the evenings much, so I’m probably the last one on the Internets to comment on the latest CBS News/NY Times Poll. But an incumbent polling even with his competitor who also is recording his poorest job approval ratings ever is headed for defeat.

Registered Voters

Bush 46

Kerry 46

Likely Voters

Bush 47

Kerry 46

3-way Registered Voters

Bush 45

Kerry 45

Nader 2

3-way Likely Voters

Bush 47

Kerry 45

Nader 2

Bush Job Approval

Disapprove 44

Rigth Track/Wrong Track

Wrong Track 59 (I hear the numbers are better in Iraq.)

Bush Viewed Favorably

Yes 43

No 45

Kerry Viewed Favorably

Yes 39

No 44