Don’t Blame Me, I’m Just the Preznit

From Holden:

Waiting for Bush to accept responsibility for his inability to manage the nation’s ability to protect itself from simple influenza? Don’t hold your breath, of course it’s somebody else’s fault:

In a state flush with elderly voters concerned about the lack of flu vaccine, President Bush on Tuesday sought to allay fears about shortages that he says were caused by a “major manufacturing defect” but Democrats link to incompetence.

“I know there are some here who are worried about the flu season,” Bush told supporters in a stadium at a baseball training camp. “I want to assure them that our government is doing everything possible to help older Americans and children get their shots despite the major manufacturing defect that caused this problem.”


Rebutting his opponent’s criticism, Bush said the government has millions of vaccine doses on hand for the most vulnerable Americans. “Millions more will be shipped in the coming weeks,” he said. “We’re stockpiling more than 4 million doses of flu vaccine for children.”

Big Time Dick finds someone else to blame:

Vice President Dick Cheney has blamed the shortage on the economics of producing vaccines, including the threat of lawsuits and the limited profits for manufacturers.