Happy Nelson Muntz Day!

From Holden:

Happy Nelson Muntz Day to Bill O’Reilly and Fox, who just got slapped with another lawsuit for retaliating against Andrea Mackris after she complained of O’Reilly’s sexual harassment.

And a big “Haw-Haw” shout out to Ken Lay, who asked for a trial separate from Jeffrey K. Skilling and Richard A. Causey and got what he asked for – and more.

Former Enron Corp. chairman Kenneth L. Lay, who for weeks had been pressing to be tried on his own on criminal charges related to the company’s demise, yesterday got more than he bargained for.

A federal judge granted Lay a trial by himself on four charges stemming from personal bank loans. But the judge also ordered Lay to face a second fraud and conspiracy trial alongside two subordinates in what may become the era’s biggest corporate crime prosecution.

Legal experts said that means Lay’s desire for a quick resolution will be thwarted by the protracted mega-trial, where he will share a defendant’s table with protege Jeffrey K. Skilling and former Enron chief accountant Richard A. Causey. That highly publicized case will put on display allegations of widespread fraud that notoriously felled the Houston energy company in late 2001.


Michael Ramsey, the lead defense attorney for Lay, said he and his colleagues intend to meet soon and decide how to proceed.

“Two trials is frustrating from Ken’s point of view,” Ramsey said. “It’s disconcerting. It’s a more difficult case to try that way.”

Happy Nelson Muntz Day, Ken and Bill!