Are Mary Cheney’s 15 Minutes Up Yet? ‘Cause I’ve Got One More

From Holden:

In the print edition October 2004 edition of The Progressive Elizabeth DiNovella has an article entitled “Snapshots from the RNC”. On day three of the Republican National Convention she attended an early morning prayer meeting of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. Reverend Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition was presiding:

Sheldon ended the meeting with a special request for the vice president. “God, people, help us and help those who think that same-sex relationships is a simple choice,” Sheldon said. “We pray for our President, George W. Bush. We pray for our Vice President, Dick Cheney. And, Lord, we pray that you will bring clarity in that family concerning same-sex relationships as you brought clarity to George Bush when he became a heavy drinker.”