Is this the October surprise? I’ll take it!

I have to make a decision whenever I post anything of what category to use. It’s required (as Athenae reminded me when I forgot a couple of times.) With stories like this one, it’s a tough call.

Atrios has all the particulars on a developing story that involves Pat Robertson, God, George Bush, and now Karen Hughes and Scotty MClelland.

It started with a story on CNN, in which Pat Robertson made a rather startling statement. He said he had talked to President Bush about Iraq, and that when he asked about casualties, the president said there wouldn’t be any. He said God told him so. Robertson then said that he told the president that God had told him that Iraq was going to be a disaster. Ok, that is one of the more surreal conversations I can imagine.

However, it gets interesting here: both Karen Hughes and Scotty McClelland have come out and said that Robertson was lying. Y’all do realize what a tsunami this is? Bush is now in the position of being in a battle with the head of his fundamentalist base. I await the next installment breathlessly…