Beastie Boys in Austin

From Holden:

One of my first posts while subbing for Atrios last summer was this one on the Beastie Boys.

I never considered it one of my best (and since I rate an open thread as one of my most successful posts the bar is not too high), chalk it up to poor communication skills. I’m following up on it anyway because I saw the Boys here in Austin last night.

They were smokin’, they rocked, they were awesome – however you want to put it, they do a great show.

And as expected, the Beaties Boys did talk about the election. Prior to the last number Adrock practically pleaded with the crowd to vote, calling the election extremely important since we just must “run Bush out of office”. His piece was followed by one of the biggest, most enthusiastic responses of the night.

Their act incorporates the use of multiple projection video screens both during and between songs. During one interlude between numbers they showed this video of Will Farrell mocking a Bush campaign add that America Coming Together earlier this year. The crowd loved it. What a great feeling.