Happy Kerry Photo: Hey, Look! My Poll Numbers!

One week to go, guys. A World Series to keep us all focused on losing our minds over something other than this, and a presidential candidate who has never been hotter. Politically. Politically hotter. Yeah.

Seriously, if you find yourself panicking in the coming few days, just keep saying to yourself: a year ago this wartime president’s poll numbers were through the roof, and nobody was going to bring him down. He had the whole country fooled.

Now, even if by some miracle he limps to re-election, it will be as a broken man, forever marked with the knowledge of his opponents’ scorn. We haven’t won it yet, but what we have done as of today is remarkable: we have brought this administration to its knees. We’ve made him beg for votes from bigots and whackos, we’ve made him run the campaign he’s run.

That’s something. That’s really something.