Nick Kristof, Dumbass

From Holden:

Today the Times’ Nicholas Kristof blandly states that he will not call Bush a liar before recounting a prime example of a Bush lie.

But what I found most galling about Kristof’s missive today was this paragraph:

In fact, I’m convinced that Mr. Bush is not only smarter, but also a better man than his critics believe. Most important, he’s not a panderer. While Mr. Kerry zigs and zags on trade and Middle East policy, Mr. Bush has a core of values and provides genuine leadership (typically, I believe, in the wrong direction, by trying to reshape America and the world according to a far-right agenda).

It’s obvious to any semi-sentient observer that Georgie has but one value, re-selection. And we just had a prime example of the preznit’s pandering this week.

President George W. Bush has softened his approach to same-sex unions as he makes his final bid to reach out to moderate voters in the final days of the campaign.


Bush’s new position puts him closer to Democratic candidate John Kerry. While Kerry has said he opposes same-sex marriage, he does not support a constitutional amendment, and supports civil unions.

When asked about his indecisive answer during the final presidential debate on the question of the origins of sexuality, Bush also has a new explanation. Bush told Gibson that he’s open to the possibility that nature could be the defining component when it comes to a person’s sexuality.

Bush’s new approach drew immediate condemnation from Democrats.

“One week before he loses his own reelection can say whatever he wants in an attempt to grab voters but the American people are smarter than that,” DNC spokesperson Brian Richardson told

“For four years this president has failed and misled the American people and has discriminated the GBLT community on every possible occasion.”

LGBT civil rights organizations also dismissed Bush’s comments.

“After years of promoting discrimination President Bush’s attempt to reinvent himself a week before election day will not persuade voters,” Human Rights Campaign President Cheryl Jacques told

“President Bush’s election eve conversion to support civil unions cannot be reconciled to his efforts to amend the constitution to ban civil unions.”