A Series of Random Observations and a Happy Kerry Photo

Dental work sucks.

However, Chardonnay dulls the pain of a root canal considerably.


Here’s what I want, I mean in life. If I could have this, I would want for nothing else. I want people to stop coming up to me and saying things like “I hate Kerry” or “Kerry’s a liar” and then immediately adding, “I don’t really want a political debate.” Then keep your GOD DAMN MOUTH SHUT in the first place, you slag at my office who I intend never to speak with again. I am not dogmatic. I am willing to allow that people disagree with me and have legitimate reasons to do so, and I am more than happy to listen to said reasons and validate them if that is what you wish. But if you bring up a subject in conversation with me, I assume you want to talk about it. If you’re looking for a place to declare your intentions, I suggest a fence post, a soap box, or the bathroom mirror. None of these will answer back, and with the mirror, you can admire your smug expression to the fullest. Jesus.

I need to stare at this a while: