Good News for Democracy in Ohio

From Holden:

A federal judge in Ohio puts the clamps on GOP attempts to challenge tens of thousands of voters before the election. This won’t stop them from trying to suppress the vote on election day, but it means they will have to face down voters at the polls where our side will post observers to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote.

A U.S. District Court judge yesterday effectively ended efforts by Republicans in Ohio to challenge the eligibility of tens of thousands of voters in one of the most closely contested states in this year’s presidential race.

Judge Susan J. Dlott in Cincinnati issued an order preventing local election boards from going forward with plans to notify challenged voters and hold hearings until she hears legal arguments tomorrow. But because her ruling means that those election board hearings cannot take place within the time frame state law requires before the election, Dlott’s ruling killed the GOP effort that had targeted 35,000 voters, Democratic and Republican party officials said.


It was the second time that the GOP has lost on the issue. In Nevada, another battleground, Clark County election officials rejected an attempt this month by the former executive director of that state’s GOP to challenge 17,000 voters in the Las Vegas area.