Like I Need to Give You A Reason Not to Date A Bushite

From Holden:

You’d think the tiny penis would be enough to drive women away from guys like this:

A political argument that apparently took a dangerous turn landed one man in jail and slightly injured his girlfriend, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Steven Soper, 18, a Marine enlistee and resident of suburban Lake Worth, was charged Wednesday with aggravated assault, false imprisonment and resisting arrest without violence, said PBSO spokesman Paul Miller.

The incident occurred outside Soper’s parents’ home in the Lake Charleston development about 6 p.m. Tuesday.

The sheriff’s office said the pair was arguing about who was a better candidate, Bush or Kerry. Miller said Soper opted for Bush, and reportedly said that if John Kerry is elected, the troops in Iraq will be in danger.

His girlfriend, Stacey Silheira, 18, apparently disagreed and threatened to break up with Soper, Miller said.

Soper reportedly pushed and shoved Silheira, then dragged her into the house. Miller said neighbors heard the noise and called 911.

When an officer arrived, Miller said, Soper was holding her at bay with a screwdriver and a broken piece of a clay pot. The deputy tried to separate them. Miller said the woman ran free and the officer used a TASER to subdue Soper.

Miller said Soper was being held at the Palm Beach County jail without bail pending a mental health evaluation, which will be presented to a judge on Friday.

The PBSO spokesman said Silheira did not require treatment for her injuries.

I do like the idea of using a TASER on a Bush supporter.

Shock some sense into ’em.