The Bin Laden Bounce

From Holden:

I’m with DHinMI over at Kos. If the latest OBL video breaks for either candidate it’s Kerry. I can’t fathom any benefit for Bush from a healthy Osama reminding voters that he’s still alive and free while he criticizes Georgie’s resolute reponse to September 11th. The statements I’ve seen from both Bush and Kerry suggest that neither man wants to be seen as taking advantage of Osama, so it may be a wash.

But a wash is the best Bush can hope for. The video also plays into the theme of the week, the fact that Bush is incompetent. Kerry has been mentioning this fact for weeks, and was wise to clothe the missing explosives issue in the President’s incompetence before wrapping it around Georgie’s neck. A free Osama simply reinforces this argument.