Expatriates return to U.S. to work on the campaign

Steve Gilliard has a story up from the WaPo, about Americans living overseas who have returned to work on the election.

“What began as a steady trickle of overseas volunteers two months ago has developed into a concentrated final push in the last week before the election. Some expats are returning to their home towns in crucial swing states to take part in door-to-door canvassing; others are running phone banks or driving voters to the polls. a number have arrived in Florida to act as election observers.
Whether they are from as far afield as Japan or Europe, or are simply crossing the border from Canada these expat volunteers, for the most part describing themselves as anti-President Bush, say they are motivated by the belief that this election is the most important in their lifetimes.

Among those coming back to the U.S. election are Sunshine and Gators, a groups of American expats from Japan, including one of [Giliard’s] longtime readers, Hubris Sonic…”

I find this story immensely cheering on many levels. First and foremost, the resurgence of activity by Americans in their election process reverses the sickening trend of decades of rising voter apathy and disinterest in our democracy. And of course I am encouraged that most of these expats have come home to work to get John Kerry elected, as well. With this kind of dedication to the promise of American, I believe that we cannot but win this election for our democracy and for our freedom and for sanity and reality, all of which means that we cannot but win this for John Kerry. And as has been said so many times this last year, we will have done this ourselves, with no help from the media. John Kerry’s victory is our victory, it is America’s victory. I am immensely grateful to Hubris Sonic and all those who have spent so much money and time working for our common goal. Thank you all so much. And Kerry/Edwards in a landslide, my sweet bitches. Bush to Mars.