Panic of the Freepers

From Holden:

Oh, this is so much fun. Freeper Matt Kennedy has his panties all in a bunch because the latest Osama terra tape did not scare American’s into the arms of Dear Leader.

Matt’s conclusion: American’s are a bunch terra-lovin’ of pussies.

I am not certain what is happening or what happened over the weekend, but morale has dipped far further than I have seen it throughout the entirity [sic] of this campaign.

I don’t know why most of the weekend polls including Gallup show a Kerry push. But there is one very ugly possibility. I was certain that the OBL tape would give president Bush a huge push going into Tuesday because I assumed that the American people are made of sterner stuff than the Spanish. But, perhaps this is untrue? Perhaps 30-40 years of therapeutic counseling rather than moral instruction has turned this nation into a large group of sniveling appeasers? I hope not. I think not. But maybe. Maybe the OBL tape has hurt the president because the American people no longer possess the moral fortitude to face down evil?

Wanna have some fun? Click on the link and leave him a few choice comments. Something like “Why do Freepers hate America?” would be good for starters.