Anna Has Hope

Can we run Anna Quindlen for President? Please?


There is always talk about reaching across the aisle, but it is to citizens that he must extend a hand, not just fellow politicos. He must have the guts to engage them, to sometimes abandon the podium and the prepackaged events and the yeasayers who will surround him, to make his administration a vehicle for civic conversation.

And that should begin in the Oval Office, where he ought to order his staff to arrange weekly meetings with random constituents. An hour with a university economist, the manager of a regional bank office, a caseworker at a social-welfare agency and a small business owner, all talking about the economy. An hour with a priest, a rabbi, a minister, a clinic nurse and a mother of five, all talking about abortion. And the president, all ears.

Sure, the press would bill it as a PR gimmick, more symbolic than real. But symbolism is an important part of leadership, and FDR’s fireside chats were a gimmick that united a nation. The leader who could begin to mend the rifts in this country would leave a significant legacy behind for history to applaud and admire. All it would require is courage and confidence. This will truly have been a historic election if the president of the United States finds a way to dare to listen again, and so make Americans feel that they’ve been heard.

I don’t think there’s much hope of Bush doing that, but Anna could! DraftAnna.Com!