Fafnir and Giblets get a visit from St. Nick


“Ho ho ho! Merry Kwanzaa!” says Santa. “It’s me, the Kwanzaa Fairy, here to bring you delicious egg nog and Kwanzaa presents, if you’ll just open the door!”

“Yeeeees! Delicious Kwanzaa!” says Giblets.,/p>

“Wait just a second,” says me.

“How do we know you’re the REAL Kwanzaa Fairy and not somebody else? Tell us something only the Kwanzaa Fairy would know.”

“Yeah,” says Giblets. “Like why do we celebrate Kwanzaa?”

“To celebrate the day when…baby Kwanzaa was born?” says Santa.

“No, that’s wrong and a lie!” says me. “Baby Kwanzaa was most likely born in early September in the first century CE but we celebrate it on December 26th because it replaced the pagan festival of Neptunitis. You’re not the Kwanzaa Fairy at all you you’re Santa still trying to eat us!”

“Hell fire and damnation!” says Santa, “I hunger! I HUNGER!”

“Do you really have Kwanzaa presents though?” says Giblets.

“Um…yes?” says Santa.

“Well, come on in!” says me. “Have some milk and cookies. Wait! No!”

“A pox on your blood!” says Santa.

“I hate Christmas,” says Giblets.