Losing Fallujah Becoming a Habit

From Holden:

Didn’t we just re-take this town, losing hundreds of Marines in the process?

American warplanes pounded Fallujah with missiles Sunday as insurgents fought running battles with coalition forces in the volatile western Iraqi city. The U.S. military said two troops died in separate incidents.


Fallujah, the scene of a weeklong U.S.-led offensive last month to uproot insurgents based in the city, erupted in more violence Sunday, starting with American and Iraqi forces clashing with guerrillas in several suburbs and ending with U.S. airstrikes on suspected insurgent hideouts.

Fallujah resident Abdullah Ahmed said the fighting started after U.S. soldiers brought 700 to 800 men into the city to clear rubble from damage caused by November’s offensive.


“The clashes started as soon as the young men entered the city,” Ahmed said. “The American troops were surprised and decided to launch military operations.”