How Do You Disgust a Spook?

From Holden:

Last year the CIA ordered its agents not to participate in any military interrogations in Iraq that extended beyond “questions and answers”:

Concerns about harsh techniques used by Special Operations forces prompted the Central Intelligence Agency last year to bar its officers in Iraq from taking part in military interrogations where prisoners were subjected to duress, intelligence officials said.

A classified directive issued by the agency’s headquarters on Aug. 8, 2003, to all its personnel in Iraq advised that “if the military employed any type of techniques beyond questions and answers, we should not participate and should not be present,” according to an account provided by a senior intelligence official.


The agency also barred its employees last year from entering a secret interrogation facility in Baghdad used by Special Operations forces. The restrictive C.I.A. guidelines remain in effect, intelligence officials have said.

Army documents first obtained by The Denver Post show that an Iraqi prisoner was found dead in June 2003 at the classified interrogation facility used by Special Operations forces in Baghdad after being restrained in a chair for questioning and subjected to physical and psychological stress. An autopsy determined that the prisoner died of a “hard, fast blow” to the head, the newspaper reported last spring.

The CIA officials know a war crime when they see it.