Where’s Rummy’s Medal of Freedom?

From Holden:

Surely his screw-ups put those of Tenet, Franks and Bremer to shame.

The commander of the Vermont National Guard says she’s frustrated that some soldiers are being sent into Iraq without all the equipment they need.

Maj. Gen. Martha Rainville says the military didn’t adequately plan for the war in Iraq.

“I’m frustrated with the system that couldn’t foresee the need for this and went ahead and moved in with soldiers when we had the technology. We just didn’t have the plan or have the capability,” Rainville said in an interview with Vermont Public Radio.


Over the last year Rainville has presided over the largest deployment of Vermont National Guard troops since World War II.

Currently, there are more than 200 Vermont guard soldiers in Iraq. About 1,000 soldiers are currently undergoing training before being sent to the Middle East. At least some of those soldiers will end up in Iraq.