Once Upon a Time, We Had a President…

the inestimable attaturk has a post up about an encounter between Bill Clinton and a detractor in Central Park.

According to Lakshmi Kumar, a writer for Citizen Culture magazine, who witnessed the exchange, Clinton was walking in the park with his secret service detail when a man taunted him:</p/

“You were an embarrassment to the office of commander in chief.

Clinton stopped, and confronted him, and said:

“Oh really? I think I did a helluva job…I’ll admit I misled people about my personal life. And I have even apologized for it, but I never misled the people about policy and I certainly never misled the people about going to war.”

After continuing to talk for about 45 minutes to a crowd of mostly adoring supporters, Clinton finished by telling his detractor, who was pushing a baby stroller: “I hope your children turn out to be as perfect as you are, sir.”</p.

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