Model student expelled for setting up a web site

from the Dallas Morning News:

Three weeks ago an 18-year old honor student at Trinity Christian Academy was cruising toward graduation. He had already been accepted to a prestigious university, and the final months of high school seemed a mere formality.
He was a varsity athlete and a winner of service and citizenship awards at the fundamentalist private school in Addison. He was active in the school theater, was a yearbook editor and helped younger students with Bible study.
Trinity Christian was his second family, the student said, and by every indication he was one of the school’s favorite sons.
But when the school’s top administrators learned that the student had created a Web site where teens chat about homosexuality, he said they gave him a choice: either leave quietly of face expulsion for “immoral behavior,” which is prohibited by the school’s code of conduct.
In a matter of days, the student, who is gay, went from prized student to outcast.

“I feel completely violated,” said the student, who had attended Trinity Christian since kindergarten. “The big lesson here for me is that you can’t really trust anybody. That, and I should have kept my mouth shut.”

The site, which is not pornographic or sexually explicit, is a place for gay teens to meet, chat and post pictures of themselves.

The student attended Trinity Christian Academy from kindergarten, yet he is gay. Now, one would think that the fundamentalists here would be scratching their heads. If they are going to adhere to the fallacious idea that one’s sexuality is learned, then how come this lifelong student of a fundamentalist school didn’t “learn” how to be straight?
Fucking nitwits.