Yuletide Noodling

It’s Christmas Eve and cold here in Dallas. It isn’t often cold at Christmas here and since I love cold weather, especially at Christmas, it makes me happy.
It’s good to feel happy. I started out this season convinced that Christmas would go about the way the rest of 2004 has gone, which is to say, more or less fubar. I was mad about the childish fundies and their crusade to take every bit of fun possible out of the season with their small-mindedness. God those people must be miserable, honestly. Then my mother in law went into the hospital.
But on Wednesday it started snowing and it snowed all day. Not much accumulated, but that didn’t matter. It was a beautiful snowfall. And I started feeling happy. Snow is a kind of miracle here.
Since then, everything has just gotten better and better. Despite O’Reilly and the outrage! I tell you, outrage! over the liberals killing the little baby Jesus. Despite the fact that NPR censored a paragraph from David Sedaris’s Santaland Diaries because it’s about a flirtatious gay elf. (Is there any other kind of elf, one wonders, outside of Tolkein?) Despite the fact that we still have The Worst President Ever. Despite the fact that my mother in law is in the hospital. Despite the fact that there is no peace in Iraq, though this one is very hard.
Still, I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning. I’ll get strange stocking stuffers bought in the drugstore (bandaids, throat lozenges, aspirin) It’s a tradition. I’m sure I’ll get other nice presents. Anything is possible – presents could transmute in their wrappings and become enchanted presents. I could get something that grants wishes. You could, too. You could wake up with super powers.
Have a Happy Merry Good and Jolly Celebration of Everything You Want to Celebrate Tomorrow.
Dream of peace.