Texas Group Formed to Oppose Gay Marriage Ban

The Dallas Morning News this morning has an article about a group that has been formed by Democratic political consultant, Jason Stanford, to fight the gay marriage ban proposal in Texas. Stanford has a web site, Practicewhatyoupreach.org.
Stanford’s approach is one that I think is very good. He is going after this issue on the basis that the real threats to marriage in this country are domestic violence and the high divorce rate. Consequently, the entire wedge issue of gay marriage is largely meaningless in terms of ‘saving’ marriage in America.

That amendment [to ban gay marriage], win or lose, means gay marriage is still illegal in Texas. Win or lose, marriage is still in crisis in Texas…The question is whether the Texas Legislature is going to quit the hypocrisy and focus on the real problems.

Indeed, if the fundies and the Repugs are serious about ‘saving marriage’ in this country, then they need to get real about the problems the institution really faces. I don’t really believe that the fundies and the Repugs are serious, and I suspect that Stanford doesn’t either. It’s all just talk that is used to discriminate against gays and lesbians and to scare people into voting for Repugs. Stanford appears to be calling their bluff. He is also determined to change the framing of the debate away from homosexuality and he is challenging the Right by doing so. Good for him.