More News from the Concert that Gave Lame a Bad Name

From Holden:

Aside from appearances by Ruben Studdard, Hillary Duff, JoJo, and the F-Bomb, there was an important message delived at last night’s “America’s Future Rocks” concert.

President Bush and first lady Laura Bush arrived at the end of the two-hour program and urged the youths to participate in service and community involvement, as they did at a similar event for his first inauguration four years ago.

“I volunteer to go SHOP-ping!”

Why is it, you ask, that America’s future – er, um – “rocks”? Well, because of these intelligent young Americans.

Concertgoers Meghan Lowry and Abbee Thevenot, both 16 and from New Orleans, paid $2,000 to come to Washington for a week to learn about government and politics. Both supported Mr. Bush.

“I agree with most of his views. I think he’s a good leader,” Meghan said.

Abbee liked the president for a different reason though.

“He’s hot,” she said.


Claire Palada and Matthew Szeto, both 17 and from San Francisco, came with Closeup, the same group as Meghan and Abbee. They had hoped that Sen. John Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat, would win the 2004 election, but were excited to see the president anyway.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Matthew said.

“I’m supportive of him anyway because he’s the president,” Claire said.

Meghan and Abbee said the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, were “so beautiful,” but Matthew added that they were “a little on the wild side for me.”

But he said, “we wouldn’t mind partying with them.”

Um, can I rethink my position on Social Securoty reform now? I don’t want these twits to get a penny.