This Comes as No Surprise

From Holden:

Newsweek Howie recalls a Kodak moment from the boy they called Georgie.

As a boy in Maine, he was the oldest of many cousins, and would set the rules for summer games at the family compound. “If he was losing he’d change the rules—or take the ball and leave,” one cousin told me.

Howie then applies this tale to an episode from the Wead tapes.

Were Forbes to win the GOP nomination by attacking him too hard, Bush told Wead, he could forget any support from the Bush family, including from his brother Jeb, the governor of Florida. Forbes “can forget Texas,” Bush tells Wead. “And he can forget Florida. And I will sit on my hands.” In other words, Bush would rather see the Democrats win the White House than a Republican who humiliated him by defeating him in the nomination race.