Shorter Frank Rich To the World:

Have a nice big cup of shut the fuck up!

At least President Bush is now on tape saying he won’t “kick gays.” He leaves that to surrogates. It’s gay people and teenagers being denied potentially life-saving sex education who ultimately are the real victims of the larger agenda of the decency crusaders, which is not to clean up show business, a doomed mission, but to realize the more attainable goal of enlisting the government to marginalize and punish those who don’t adhere to their “moral values.” For its part, show business will have no problem fending for itself. My favorite moment in the whole faux Oscar controversy came on a “Today” show segment weighing the Drudge Report blast of Chris Rock. “Still ahead this morning on ‘Today,’ ” said Katie Couric without missing a beat as that report ended, “former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau is planning to marry the student who fathered two of her children.” America just can’t stop itself from staying tuned.