The True Face of the Religious Right, Part III

From Holden:

The Post’s Dana Milbank interviews some of the fundies who traveled to Washington yesterday and heard more calls for violence…

“I’m wanting the government officials in D.C. to come in, even if there’s force involved,” [Mary] Porta said.

… the imposition of martial law…

Fellow demonstrator Bob Hunt heard Porta’s idea and seconded it. “The government should declare martial law for the whole county, arrest the judge, arrest the sheriff,” said Hunt, who identified himself as a government subcontractor.

… extrajudicial action from the Department of Justice…

Michael McMonagle, another speaker, proposed that the Justice Department take Schiavo into protective custody, that her husband, Michael Schiavo, be arrested, and that the president call Congress back from its recess.

… and of course a massive lack of familiarity with the concept of irony.

Brandon Fancher came with a roll of red duct tape and handed out strips inscribed with the word “Life” for demonstrators to wear as if gagged. “We’re identifying with the silence of Terri Schiavo,” he said, briefly removing the tape from his mouth to answer a question.