Wipe That Drool Off of Your Chin, Michelle

From Holden:

I’ve often said that Paul Krugman’s columns are bloggy gold. His writings can be counted on for their piercing intelligence and accuracy, which is why his op-eds in the New York Times serve as the basis for so many posts.

Wingnut scrawler Michelle Maglalang is bloggy gold as well, because she’s the anti-Krugman – her columns and blog posts can be counted on to leap to the most ignorant of conclusions based on her own prejudices.

Today Little Lulu was smacking her lips over the eminent release of the Volker Report on the UN’s Iraqi Oil for Food program. In her post today, How Kojo Lost His Mojo (funny how someone who bristles whenever anyone makes light of her name comes up with a header like that, isn’t it?), Michelle is ready to mount Kofi Anan’s head on a pole because of the alleged financial dealings of his son, Kojo.

The final nail in Kofi Anan’s coffin according to Maglalang? The French support Anan!

[T]he corruptocrats in France are voicing “full support” for Kofi Annan without having seen the Volcker report.

Of course, when Little Lulu wrote that clever line (“corruptocrats”? Has Lulu never heard of Custer Battles or Halliburton?) she herself had not seen the Volker Report. I suppose that’s an example of the pot calling the kettle noir.

But what’s this? Who is that over there, yanking the nails from Michelle’s handcrafted coffin? Why, it’s her beloved Condi Rice!

Guess who else is expressing “confidence” in Kofi? Apparently, our own State Department! The U.N. Dispatch, blog mouthpiece of the U.N. Foundation, provides a transcript.

And when a copy of the Volker Report hits into the hands of the media Michelle has to use her favorite word: UPDATE (which I’m told in Maglalangese means “Ooops!”).

Update: 1147am Report’s not out yet, but AP has a copy and although it’s not a “clear vindication,” it looks like it pretty much takes Kofi off the hook.

What was the most serious charge against Kojo Anan, according to Little Lulu? He was not <a href="forthcoming enough to suit investigators.

Kojo Annan wasn’t “forthcoming” in interviews with the Volcker panel on the subject of the company accounts through which he was paid in 1999 and 2000, and has refused to answer questions about his financial interests, the report said.

Poor Michelle. Perhaps it’s time to go back to the windblown partydoll look.