Marry Me, Democracy For America!

Now this is what I’m talking about!

If you could say something—in a big way—to the people of Congressman Tom DeLay’s district in Texas, what would it be?

My personal favorite is “Why vote for Tom DeLay, when you can buy him?” but honestly, I love them all. I love that DFA is buying up billboards in Tom DeLay’s district. I love that we’re taking the fight to him, to his home town, to the people who have to live with this guy as their representative in Congress.

This is what I was talking about when I asked where the attacks were. A lot of strategists would look at this and say why waste the money there, it’s Texas, you’re never going to make a difference.

You don’t just fight the fights you can win, as my man Aaron Sorkin puts it. You fight the fights that need fighting. If there’s a race, a Democrat should be there. If there’s an issue, a Democrat should be out there making our case on it. No matter where it is.

Enough of this idea that we should only speak where everybody’s already heard us. Democrats in Texas deserve a voice. People fed up with DeLay deserve to know who’s on their side.