Failing Upward

Via Patron Saint of Sinners, we get the news that Dilbert’s Law about people always being promoted one step beyond their actual capabilities applies to the Catholic Church as well as to business.

The bishop [St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke] and new pope share the same views on many moral and theological issues. For instance, in June, when U.S. bishops released a statement saying lawmakers who consistently supported abortion rights or euthanasia were “cooperating in evil,” and could be denied holy Communion – very much Burke’s take on the topic – Ratzinger said the statement was “very much in harmony” with his view.


When cardinals reach the age of 75, they are required to submit their resignation to the Vatican, though the pope can ask them to stay on up to the age of 80. Gillis said resignations of liberal bishops and cardinals probably would be accepted right away by Benedict.

This year, according to Catholic News Service, two cardinals who run dioceses, Cardinal Adam J. Maida of Detroit and Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington, will turn 75, creating early openings for Benedict to fill should he choose to.


So, could Burke be aligned so perfectly with Benedict that he could replace Cardinal McCarrick as the new cardinal of Washington?

“I think so,” said Frank Flinn, professor of religious studies at Washington University. “I think he’ll be elevated rather soon and my guess is that he’ll become the premier cardinal in America.”

Just what that town needs, another person navel-gazing and bloviating about easy bubble-gum issues, doling out Pop Church every Sunday, and ignoring as hard as he can the wars being waged by those on the right side of whatever the church’s pet issue will be that day.

Lucky them.


ps. Thanks to Smitty over at Eschaton for the tip.