Americans Love The Media More Than The President

From Holden:

We find mixed results in the University of Connecticut’s survey of the opinions of reporters and people in general regarding the news media, but there’s one thing you can say for sure: the press enjoys an approval rating that is twenty percentage points higher than the president’s.

Two widely divergent views of the media and the First Amendment turned up in two national polls by the University of Connecticut.

The polls, one a survey of reporters and the other a survey of the general public, were released Monday at a forum on the future of the First Amendment.

The polls found that 43 percent of the public believes the press has too much freedom. Only 3 percent of reporters agree.


But the polls found only 42 percent of the public and 45 percent of journalists feel the press does a good job of keeping public officials accountable.

On the First Amendment itself, only 14 percent of the general public and 57 percent of journalists were able to identify freedom of the press as one of the rights the amendment guarantees.


Job performance ratings were generally good, with 63 percent of the public saying the media do either an excellent or good job covering current events.

But only 39 percent of the public believes the media are accurate, compared with 72 percent of journalists.