Oh, Just Re-institute the Draft Why Don’t Ya’

From Holden:

Women are fighting and dying in Iraq with out any noticeable loss of unit cohesion or effectiveness. I personally don’t believe violence is the answer to any question, but if we are going to put American soldiers in harm’s way I can think of no argument for limiting the risk to men only.

The paternalistic House Republicans thinks otherwise, despite opposition from the military itself.

A House measure aimed at keeping women out of combat would bar female soldiers from at least 21,925 Army jobs that are now open to them, a senior Army official said yesterday.

The projection of lost jobs comes as opposition to the proposed ban spreads from the Army’s senior leadership to include associations representing nearly 145,000 current and former Army and National Guard members.

Lt. Gen. James L. Campbell, director of the Army staff, provided the figure in what Army officials said was a narrow interpretation of the potential impact of the measure passed May 11 by a panel of the House Armed Services Committee, which would ban women from serving in certain support units in an effort to keep them out of “direct ground combat.”


Leading Army groups also rallied to oppose it. Retired Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, president of the Association of the United States Army and a former Army chief of staff, wrote to the committee this week that the proposed ban would be “confusing” and “detrimental to units.”