Geek Attack!

Maybe it’s fine weather but try as I might, I cannot make myself concentrate on anything serious at the moment. So, in no particular order of importance, a list of the TV I’m loving and some thoughts on the third Star Wars prequel (which you should skip if you plan to remain absolutely unspoiled for anything).

Crack TV

1. Battlestar Galactica. WHEN, Lords of Kobol, when will July ever get here?

2. Babylon 5. I’m halfway through the Season 1 DVDs and though I watched the whole thing all the way through when it first ran, I’m still finding things I missed and can’t believe what a rich and beautifully constructed story it is.

3. House. Because he’s a mess, his life’s a mess, and his staff of young doctors is very, very pretty.

4. Rescue Me. Next month, second season, baby! I’ve missed my funny, fucked up firehouse boys.

5. Deadwood. If William Shakespeare and David Mamet had a child and allowed Sam Elliott to raise it, this is what that kid would write.

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of George Lucas

Here’s the problems, in order of how much they annoyed me:

Padme is useless. She stands around staring into space and does nothing but whine about how the unstable bad boy she married is unstable and kind of not very nice. I miss Leia. I like my sci-fi heroines with a little more kickass, thanks. And Natalie Portman looks 12 years old, and sounds it, too.

Not. Enough. Chewbacca.

Whatever emotional resonance the final scenes might have had was ruined by the fact that the film spent zero time showing me how close Obi-Wan and Anakin were. If you read the novelization of the screenplay (and I did, twice, thanks, I’ll be picking up my dork card at the desk), they love one another deeply and Anakin’s betrayal of his former master is devastating, to Obi-Wan and the audience. It should be devastating. I was expecting to feel like I’d had my heart ripped out, seeing this beautiful friendship torn apart, the guilt, the grief. I don’t know if it was the script or the acting or both, but when he found out what Anakin had done, Obi-Wan looked about as upset as if his pet cat had run off.

What I loved:

Yoda, kicking some major ass. I grew up with Empire Strikes Back Yoda, and this Yoda, like a superball, bouncing off the walls and cutting people’s heads off, was really, really fun.

Wookiee-fight! Hooray!

The weird little inflection in the Emperor’s voice each time he said “Jedi,” that took me right back to the Return. Shiver.

Darth Vader’s first breath in the mask. I’m still cold, thinking about it. Double shiver.

The politics of it? Feh. About as unsubtle as the rest of the film. Didn’t bother me one way or the other, because honestly, if you’re looking for your nuanced political analysis in the works of George Lucas, well, time to put down the crack pipe and go back to the papers. And I say this as a person who planned, the day she turned 18, to marry Luke Skywalker.