Are We Safer Yet?

From Holden:

Looks like the Department of Fatherland Security pioneered the Coalition Provisional Authority business model.

Since fiscal 2001, annual spending on contracts managed by the Department of Homeland Security or its precursor agencies has more than doubled, to $5.8 billion, according to data from Eagle Eye Publishers Inc., a company that analyzes government contracting data.

The beneficiaries include Unisys Corp., Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin Corp., General Dynamics Corp. and Accenture Ltd., along with such lesser-known companies as Veritas Capital Inc. and Datatrac Information Services Inc.

At a recent gathering of contractors in northern Virginia, the chief contracting officer for one DHS division said he wasn’t sure how his agency had spent $700 million – more than one-third of its budget last year was listed under “other.”

John Ely, executive director for procurement at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said he is confident the money could be tracked.

“Don’t think because we don’t know what that is, we couldn’t find out,” Ely said March 31.


“We have allowed the contractors to totally take over the process, and as a result, the costs are getting totally inflated,” said Kent Goodger, a federal contracting official for 38 years who now teaches federal procurement courses for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other agencies. “Right now, it’s out of control.”