This Would Be Pretty Smart, Actually

Harry listens to Oliver.

Everybody should listen to Oliver.

Look, I’ve been following this NARAL nightmare over at Kos and this is where I come down on it. An anti-abortion Democrat as part of the overall pro-choice Democratic majority will not act in a way that will outlaw abortion. Harry Reid opposes abortion. If by some remarkable turn of events we take back the Senate in 2006, will Majority Leader Harry Reid introduce parental notification legislation and a host of other measures designed to punish poor women in order to make points with white men? Would Harry Reid, had he been majority leader since 2002, ever have proposed and pushed the ban on late-term abortions? Hell no.

A pro-choice Republican, however, as part of the overall anti-abortion Republican majority, will give Frist and his Dobson Militia the backing they need to take steps that will eventually outlaw abortion in this country, up to and including the confirmation of Supreme Court justices who will vote to overturn Roe. NARAL is acting in service to its principles in one particular race but the group isn’t seeing the whole board here. The Republicans are playing chess and NARAL is playing tag blindfolded.