Crass Commercialism

Donation link is fixed. I think. Tell me if it’s not.

All right. Longtime readers of this site may recall the days when we had nothing here but some Firefly fanfic and my reviews of TV shows. Longtime readers may also remember we didn’t always have ads, either, but we have some now. *points at ads* And we have stuff, T-shirts and hats and mugs and such.

We also have a donation link up and running now, over there on your right. That, and the ads, and the swag, is mainly intended to defray hosting costs and other assorted little monetary things associated with running this blog. I don’t want the ads and such to get obnoxious or overpower the content, but they do help. Every little bit does.

We ALSO (I’m just full of news today) have a snail mail address:, P.O. Box 4042, Oak Park, IL 60301. I’ll be checking that mailbox regularly and reporting back to my beloved partners here, so if you’ve got a tip too hot for e-mail or something else you want us to have (no animals, please, alive OR dead), send it there.

I know a lot of you are living in the same crap economy I am and it’s hard trying to support everything you like, so I’m not going to ask you to participate in drives or anything. All that I do ask is if you feel like you want to support the work we’re doing, a donation is one way you could do it. Placing an ad for your blog or whatever is nice, too: we’re ridiculously cheap and you’ll get some visibility out of it. Think of the donation link like a tip jar, and give a little if you like the service.

And lastly, contributions are not all monetary. Continuing to come here, comment, kick my ass when you think I’m wrong, give us feedback, chat amongst yourselves, those are other ways to say thank you. This little community of ours has grown to more than 1,000 registered members in the past few months, with more than 300 of you signing up after the election. I value your participation in the ongoing conversation about gaggles, action alerts and ferrets more than I can possibly say.