Mr. Moran, meet Mr. Wu

Steve goes Deadwood on some people who richly deserve it.

The “Draft a Pundit for Jesus” movement has been going on for a while now, mostly focused on people like Jonah Goldberg, who says he can’t afford to go to Iraq. I’d like to propose a similar program for bloggers like the fine folks at Powerline and Little Miss Michelle, who are so quick to call journalists on the ground liars and murderers.

Go to Iraq, Ass Missile. Go to Iraq, Michelle. Report from the ground on all the schools being painted, all the successful counterinsurgency operations, all the wonderful things you claim just aren’t getting out there in the news. If you care so deeply about correcting media bias, why don’t you go on over there and show the pros how it’s really done?

You wouldn’t even have to blaze a trail. Chris Allbritton has been blogging from Iraq for more than two years now. Of course, his commentary isn’t always as sunny as yours, but we can probably attribute that to the pesky confines reality places on him. You can do better than that, I’m sure! After all, you’re the new media! You’re the future! Maybe what’s been wrong with the reporting from Iraq all this time is that it lacks your deft touch with the keyboard.

Go for it, guys! Things are getting better over there. We need bloggers to tell us how!