14 Minutes, 57 Seconds and Counting

From Holden:

Does anyone watch PAX-TV? Apparently they have a reality show called “Lie Detector”. Check out their description for an upcoming show.

Tuesday, May 31st, 8/7c

Known for lobbing softball questions at current President George W. Bush, elite press core official “Jeff Gannon” came under scrutiny by democrats and fellow press core members, who discovered his real name is James Dale Guckert with a checkered past and possible agenda. Was “Jeff Ganon” fed questions by the Bush administration to use as talking points at White House briefings or just a man trying to overcome his past and pursue a career as a journalist?

I’d bet my back teeth JimmyJeff stipulated that he would not answer any questions regarding male prostitution before taking this gig.

UPDATE: I just noticed the god people at PAX misspelled JimmyJeff’s fake name in the last sentence. Hee.