All That Democracy Is Really Working Well


A roadside bomb exploded in Kabul on Monday, wounding seven Afghans but missing its target — a vehicle carrying soldiers of the NATO-led peacekeeping force, police and officials said.

In a separate incident, six civilians were killed and six wounded when their minibus hit a land mine on Sunday in the remote western province of Nimroz, which borders Iran and Pakistan.

The Kabul bomb, fixed to a bicycle parked beside the main road going east from the city, exploded after the NATO vehicle had passed by but blasted a following taxi, wounding five people in the taxi and two passersby, district police chief Mohammad Kabar told Reuters.

In other news, security in Iraq still sucks.

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up Monday in a crowd of police officers south of Baghdad, killing up to 30 people and wounding dozens, and an Iraqi aircraft with four Americans and an Iraqi on board crashed in eastern Iraq. Also Monday, U.S. forces mistakenly detained a Sunni political leader on the second day of an Iraqi-led security sweep in the capital.

It’s not that I don’t sympathize with the hardcore war supporters at times. I’d like to jump up and down this Memorial Day and talk about how great it all is, how we’re part of an epic struggle just like in Final Fantasy 7 and how we’re totally gonna kick ass. That’s a nice place to live. It seems pleasant there and I can see what attracts them to such a spot and makes them want to stay.

The trouble is that reality keeps intruding. Maybe we need to send away for whatever it is they install that keeps that pesky stuff out.