A Good Day’s Work

You guys are something.

Nobody’s gotten a denunciation yet, but it’s the first day. Daley didn’t lay into Durbin until later, when the pressure got to be too much. I agree with one of the commenters over at the crack den that Bloomberg or Pataki might be a good way to go, so if you’re a New Yorker, go for it. There will be a few days of furor, the Sunday shows, and there will be either an apology or a resignation. It’s too hot now, too much. Keep the pressure up.

So far, according to what you’ve told me in comments, more than 65 separate members of Congress have been contacted, some of them more than once. Sens. Arlen Specter, Mel Martinez, George Voinovch and Norm Coleman in particular seem to have gotten a lot of mail today.

Of course a lot of people will say what’s the use, what’s the chance of somebody like Frist listening to an e-mail or a phone call asking him to denounce a member of his own party. What’s the point?

This is the point: They can’t lie with impunity anymore. Their party can’t say half of all Americans want our troops to die without half of all Americans rising up to answer them. They may continue to stand fast and they may continue to say disgusting things and to shelter and support those who demonize Americans, but that story wasn’t out ten minutes this morning before our work began. They can’t walk into a room without hearing us now, without hearing us say enough. Enough.

Your senator may have never seen your e-mail. He may have laughed at it, she may have chucked it in the trash. But for one second more than they did yesterday, they had to consider that there were people out there willing to speak, who are going to continue to speak out for our troops, for veterans, for liberals, for Americans.

Go sign the petition. Good job.