Baboon-a-palooza Slip of the Lip

From Holden:

Chimpy was back on the road again for yet another stop on the Baboon-a-palooza tour, this time visiting Silver Spring, Maryland. Joining him today was Nixon appologist and failed comedian Ben Fucking Stein.

Today’s tour stop included the usual insanity – Chimpy denied that the Social Security Trust Fund exists, claimed that the non-existent fund would be “bankrupt” by 2040, and recruited a couple of clueless young folks who mistakenly believe that Social Security will never pay them a benefit.

However, I found this exchange betwnee Chimpy and the indolent Stein most revealing.

THE PRESIDENT: A lot of people — I hear, you know, I hear these people saying, well, all they want to do is let Wall Street get rich.

MR. STEIN: They’re already rich. (Laughter.)

Yes, it’s all a big joke – the fact that the GOP wants to destroy Social Security while simultaneously engorging the bloated securities industry on your payroll taxes is goddamn hillarious.