Rove Ad Nauseum


Meanwhile, Corzine et al. show they knows right from wrong:

Joined by his fellow senators from New Jersey and New York, Sen. Corzine released the following statement at an afternoon press conference on Capitol Hill:

“September 11, 2001 was a day that forever changed this nation. The American people, bound by grief and patriotism, stood united in common cause: defeating terrorism and protecting the country we love. In fact, in the Senate, we unanimously stood behind the President and called for the use of all appropriate force against the terrorists who harmed this country and anyone who would aid them.

“It is now nearly four years later. Osama Bin Laden remains at large. The President is floundering, his policies are failing, and the American people are fed up. And now his senior advisor – standing blocks from Ground Zero – has injected petty, partisan politics into one of the most tragic but unifying moments of American history. It’s shameful.

“Democrats and Republicans are wholly committed to destroying Al Qaeda and defeating terrorists who would do us harm. Trying to divide people – trying to use the tragic deaths of thousands of innocent Americans for partisan gain – is the worst kind of politics.

“The American people – and the over 700 New Jersey families who lost loved ones on 9/11– deserve an apology.”

The letters in the first thread are amazing, all of them. You guys are an inspiration. Keep writing. Keep calling. Don’t back off. Don’t back down.




First one to forward us your reply from your Republican distancing him or herself from Karl Rove’s despicable words wins.

Update: Raw Story has talking points, statements by other Dems.