Because y’all seemed to think I was batshit insane when I wrote this, read a couple of things.


There is no power without resistance. Without the resistance of a “regular army” or even an organized group that our military can decimate, it has no power. It has the power of destruction: of bombs, missiles, bullets, rockets, death brought about in hundred brutal and technological ways.

And this.

Clearly, I favor the latter over the former. And here’s why.

If we admit what’s been done is done, we move the fight to the future. Nobody’s fighting that yet. We’re Downing Street Memoing all about the war and various motivations for fighting it, rehashing the same arguments that didn’t make a dent during the election (Bush Lied! Liberals Hate Our Troops!) except to the people who already had their minds made up. The great lazy-ass middle has heard this shit before and they’re not convinced. And continuing to hammer on the past instead of facing the future puts the opposition Robert’s talking about right where they want us. They’ve made these arguments about liberals=weak for the last five years because they work. We’re in a hole with those arguments and we need to stop digging.

So we start talking about when we’re going to get out, and who’s going to pay for what we busted while we were there. And that’s a conversation WE start, which puts Republicans on the defensive. Which is right where they can just get good and comfortable until 2006, dithering around defending their fuckup. Kos is right. Nobody wants to talk about the economy. They want to talk about how the war is fucked up. Look at those polls. The war is fucked up and people know that. We’re stronger if we’re giving them a plan to fix it. Bush ain’t got no plan, his people are halfbright and his followers twice as dumb, but lookee over here, these Democratic guys came up with something that sounds pretty good.

However we fought it, for what reasons, the war was started and it’s being fought. People are done with the war over the start of the war and it’s time to make the issue how the war will end. Our message should be we did what we set out to do, so bring the troops home.

And I agree with the commenters who say declaring victory will make it easier to for them to justify Iran, which is where the accountability end of it comes in (that’s why Kos gets all the great women). We can’t go on to the next thing before we figure out what happened with this one. But first, we have to stop people dying. First, we have to bring them home.

If it takes a victory parade to accomplish that, you’re welcome to hold it on my street. I’ll stock the fridge.