You Can’t Polish a Turd

From Holden:

Chimpy will try tonight anyway.

He’ll probably tell us how much better life is in Iraq now that Saddam is in prison.

Police opened fire on a crowd of demonstrators in the southern Iraqi city of Samawa on Tuesday wounding seven protesters, including one man who was shot in the head, witnesses and hospital staff said.

He’s likely to claim that Rummy knows what is going on in Iraq and is doing a FABulous job.

United States forces have not held talks with insurgent leaders involved in attacks in Iraq but may do so soon, the US commander in Iraq said in remarks that appeared to differ from those of Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Monday.

But I doubt he will mention Eason Jordan at all.

And an Iraqi hospital official says US troops killed an Iraqi news executive when he didn’t pull over for a US convoy.